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Medical Licensing Council

Medical Licensing Council
Medical Licensing Council

Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi

Alternative Medicine Doctor on the Loose : Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi unleashes Scathing Intellectual Attack upon Top Medical College News Blogs , Amazing Scientific Health Care Journals . . . and Pompous Ethical Clinical Quackery Websites !

The Gospel According to Professor Obi: " There is a World of Total Difference between Science-Based Medicine and Science-Biased Medicine ; most especially when Clinical Medicine is actually an Advanced Form of Art (in the very first place) , rather than a (Predictable) Perfect Science." Joseph Chikelue Obi Publicly Accuses (Non-Medically-Qualified) Quack Medicine Scientists (and Quackful Quacktitioner Bloggers) of Shamelessly Practising their very own Toxic Quackademic Blend of Obtuse Quackometric Quackology , Pseudo-Scientific Clinical Treachery and Morbid Therapeutic Qasi-Quacko-Synthesis.
Controversial Medical Quackery Expert and Holistic Clinical Wellness Visionary , Dr Joseph Obi , Formidably Lambasts Science Biase…

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