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Direct Message From Doctor Obi
(Alias : The QuackFather)

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This is to publicly confirm that Alternative Medicine Strongman , Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi , has indeed cheekily adopted the (Equally Controversial) Alias of Quackfather.

Professor Obi personally chose the name himself , after reading (for the very first time) all of the Online Rubbish which a Racist Cabal of about 25000 Skeptic Bloggers were vituperatively posting about him on the Internet.

The Main Strategy (for now , at least) is therefore to Gleefully Turn The Tables on such Obliviously Shameless Adversaries ; since they have seriously invested almost a decade of their Exceptionally Bitter Energies into creating the Utterly Ludicrous Myth that he is some sort of Alternative Medicine Mafia Boss.

Thankfully , our Quackfather Blog is now the Top Internet Source for all issues relating to Evidence Based Quack Medicine (EBQM) ; and Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi fundamentally aims to humbly keep it that way.

Please Kindly visit ; for further details.

Thank You (once again) for your (Absolutely Fabulous) Support.

Dr Obi Loves You More !

Doctor Joseph Obi | Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi | Dr Joseph Obi | Joseph Chikelue Obi

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