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Here is a (Tinsy Winsy) Little Bit of what has (so far) been happening to some of Dr Obi's Tormentors (All of whom have been Eagerly Using Google to Voraciously Defame Him during the Past 15 Years ; Juicy Contents of which are Still Publicly Visible on the Internet) . . .

(Tax Dodger-in-Exile) Anthony Joseph Francis O'Reilly has (Finally) been Kicked Out of the Hallowed Commercial Boardroom of the Irish Independent Newspaper Consortium ; together with all of his Teeny Weeny Sprogs. For the very first time in over 40 years , there is No O'Reilly Dynasty Member at the helm of Irish Newspaper Publishing.

Perhaps the Government of Ireland will now consider launching a Major Public Inquiry into why People like Mr O'Reilly have cheekily got away without paying Full Irish Taxes for so long ; since the Greedy Little Goblin had the Shameless (Gob-Smacking) Nerve to Claim that we Never Existed ; despite the fact that we were duly Paying Our Taxes and had also the Relevant (Irish Government) Registered Trademarks to fully back us up.

Little Wonder that the Republic of Ireland is still in such an Exceedingly Sorry (Self-Inflicted) Financial (Monetary) Mess.

In the exceedingly humble opinion of Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi FRCAM (Dublin) , the European Union (EU) should not give Ireland any more (Recession Hardship) Bailout Cash until the Irish Government firmly forces People like Tony O'Reilly to swiftly cough up what they Duly Owe.

Not a Euro . . . Not a Cent . . . Not a Nickle . . . Not a Dime . . .

Heaven ALWAYS Helps The Irish . . .

Louise Redvers has still not got the Top (UK Chief Executive) Job which was promised to her when she infamously penned her (Now Discredited) Chronicle Hatchet Job. She is currently said to be Bitterly Simmering Away , (as a Frustrated Freelance Journalist) , somewhere within the Southern Part of Africa ; desperately hoping for a Miracle.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Blogger (and Freshly Recruited Scouts Mentor), Tim Ireland , of BloggerHeads (and ThoughtBubble and JellyFish and SockPuppetry Inc) , is still said to be Deliciously Gawping (and Profusely Salivating) over Tantalizing Topless Photographs of Joseph Chikelue Obi. Unfortunately , it (alarmingly) seems that Tim has (most definitely) not learnt any lessons (whatsoever) from his previous Multiple Sex Abuse Allegation Scandals ; since Further Sordid Accusations are Juicily Fluttering all over the World Wide Web (WWW).

Graeme Robertson Dawson Catto , Disgraced Former President of the General Medical Council (GMC) , is publicly known to have Sensationally Undergone a Qasi-Biblical Clinical Status Conversion. Apparently , Catto is now an Ardent Fan of Alternative Medicine ; with or without the Odd Little Sprinkling of Evidence Based Quackademia.

Most of the Racist Police Officers , who were gleefully sniffing around , have now been Disciplined for Corruption and other Types of Misconduct ; while one of them is even said to be working as a Kitchen Porter (Dish-Washer) in a Dingy British Restaurant. Another One is said to have a Terrifying Substance Addiction.

Unlicensed Medical Doctor , (and Failed Pensionable Psychiatrist) , Stephen Barrett of Quackwatch , has (sadly) now lost almost everything that he owns ; and was duly denounced by Top American Jurists to be a Highly Unreliable Liar and an Utterly Irredeemable Fraudster (i.e A Quackbuster Turned Quack !).

Finally , the (Clinically Unqualified) Quackometer Blog Owner Andy Lewis , is (presently & rightfully) being shunned by Growing Numbers of Previous Major Donors and Supporters ; most of who (wisely) do not want anything whatsoever to do with his (Nefarious) Racist (& Xenophobic) Activities. He is now secretly rumoured to be seeking Emergency Network Funding from Ardent Pharmaceutical Devotees of SIMILAR ILK to the Ku Klux Klan (KKK).

Thanks to current European Legislation concerning Defamation , Libel and Slander , Further Appropriate (and Perfectly Legal) Updates will be ethically arriving shortly ; since this is (most probably) going to be the Longest (Ever) Right of Reply in History . . .

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